Dance your pants off! Seriously.. pants off..

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I got a trash can for college. Was it a “waste” or naw? HAHAHA I’m funny
Ben and Jerry’s rocks.. showed up with $20 and I was trying to buy an ice cream cake. It was $24. I decide to just get Ice cream cartons instead for around $13. I tell the lady this is what I’m eating for a cake and she then insists that I take home a cake instead. #Godbless


Me: idk which HONY quote to use 
Hana: my quotes are pretty lame I can’t help you out
Y u keep buy me food? @jinnyjch
I’ll miss you crazy kids :( make good choices in college! For the leftovers, I’ll probably see you next week heh. And the RU crew, I’ll keep seeing yall ;)
She’s gay, ladies hit her up!